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Raiders Vs. Broncos VIDEO: Jacoby Ford Incredible TD Catch

The Oakland Raiders brought in T.J. Houshmandzadeh probably because he felt he'd provide Carson Palmer with a security blanket wide receiver he could rely upon if things went bad with everyone else. But it's not Housh that Palmer has ended up targeting a lot this week. It's the Jacoby Ford show here, as Palmer targeted Ford as his primary receiver in this one. Ford has five catches for 105 yards, none more than spectacular than his touchdown catch midway through the third quarter.

Check out the video of his completion after the jump!

Ford pretty much runs inches from the sideline on his route almost the entire way, then leaps up, hauls in Palmer's throw, and tiptoes on the edge of the end zone with two feet to help put Oakland up 24-14. Not a bad day at all for Ford.

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