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Sebastian Janikowski Injury Update: Oakland Raiders Kicker To Play Vs Broncos

After waiting all week to figure out if he would be ready, Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski appears to be good to go for Sunday's game against the Denver Broncos. Janikowski strained his hamstring in a practice leading up to the Raiders game against the Kansas City Chiefs two weeks ago. The team brought in Dave Rayner for that game. He handled kickoffs but the team was shut out so he attempted no field goals or extra points.

Janikowski was expected to test out his leg on Friday or Saturday and all indications are that he came through with relatively flying colors. If it was questionable I would think the team would play it safe given how easy hamstring aggravations happen.

It will be interesting to see if there are any question marks about his distance. normally Seabass is fairly money on 55-57 yard field goals. If the Raiders offense stalls out around the Broncos' 38-40 yard line, we'll see how Janikowski does on those kicks.