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Raiders Vs. Dolphins Odds: Oakland Is Three-Point Underdog

The Oakland Raiders are in a good place right now, coming off some big wins, including wins in their last two games, over the San Diego Chargers and Minnesota Vikings. Now, they'll take on the surging Miami Dolphins, who have been a surprise for many reasons this season. They started out surprising with how bad they were, and then they rattled off a few good wins in a row, and almost beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The team collapsed late and they ended up losing 20-19, but it was a good performance overall.

Apparently, it was good enough to make them field-goal favorites over the Raiders this weekend. The Dolphins were three point favorites in the opening lines and don't get lower than two and half favorites in all of the major betting and odds sites.

According to OddsShark, SB Nation's odds partner, the Raiders are a good bet because they're 7-1 against the spread as an underdog this year. They do go on to note that the Raiders haven't performed well against Miami for the betting folks, but then again, Miami hasn't been good against the spread at all this season. Either way, it might be smart to put some money in this one.