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Bears Vs. Raiders Video: Caleb Hanie Intentional Grounding Ends The Game

In case the first and second examples of why Caleb Hanie isn't Jay Culter aren't definitive enough, the third might be just what you need to prove that the Chicago Bears miss their starting quarterback.

Hanie took the final snap of the game against the Oakland Raiders trying to operate the two-minute drill. After a completion where the Bears didn't get out of the bounds and had no timeouts, Hanie rushed the team to the line and got ready to take a snap and looking like they're ready to spike the football.

But Hanie decided to Dan Marino it up, look like he was faking the spike, survey the field, and look for an option down the field. This did not turn out the way he wanted, so he did something like this (check out the video after the jump).

Because Hanie hesitated with the snap when he spiked the ball, it was ruled an actual pass that wasn't aimed at anyone and didn't get back to the line of scrimmage. That was ruled an intentional grounding call, and since it was an offensive penalty with a live clock, there was an automatic ten second runoff.

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