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Sebastian Janikowski Injury Update: Oakland Raiders Kicker Remains Bothered By Hamstring

The Oakland Raiders improved to 6-4 after Sunday's victory over the Minnesota Vikings, but they continue to deal with a variety of injury issues. Kicker Sebastian Janikowski has been kicking the last three weeks, but his hamstring continues to be a bother. According to Seabass, "I get treatment every day, it might bother me the whole year, I don't know. Hamstrings, they take awhile to heal."

Janikowski injured the hamstring in practice leading up to the week seven Chiefs game but was able to get back on the field in week nine. He has played the last three weeks, but it is pretty easy to tell he is not 100%. He takes only a step or two on the kickoff, and the team actually punted when they had a shot at a 51-yard field goal against the Chargers. Janikowski has the strongest leg in the league, so that is the clearest sign of an issue. This past week he had a field goal blocked and indicated the hamstring was partially to blame.

A 75% Seabass is likely better than most kickers, but it is still an issue for the Raiders. Whereas normally getting to the opposing team's 40 virtually guarantees points, they now find themselves needing to get a solid ten yards closer to accommodate Seabass' gimpy hamstring.