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Adrian Peterson Injury Update: Toby Gerhart In As Vikings RB Waits On Sideline

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson appeared to injure his ankle in the first quarter of the Raiders-Vikings game and it appears more and more likely that he could spend the rest of the game on the sideline. Peterson was carted back to the locker room after the injury and Toby Gerhart replaced him for the rest of the first half.

Peterson did not come out with the team to start the second half, but he did make his way out shortly after the half began. Peterson was limping a bit and the Vikings continued to stick with Gerhart on their first offensive drive after the Raiders punted. Peterson had an x-ray that indicated no broken bones, but given the current 24-7 deficit, it would be surprising to see the Vikings roll him back out there. If the Raiders do not build on the lead, maybe he makes a return, but if the Raiders continue their roll, the Vikings will probably play it safe with AP.