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Darren McFadden Injury Update: Raiders RB In Crutches, Wearing Walking Boot

The Oakland Raiders look like they're probably starting Michael Bush next week against the Denver Broncos, as Darren McFadden's ankle seems like it's still not totally healed.

A tweet from Steve Corkran of Bay Area News Group indicates that McFadden might be a little bit further back than just a regular old ankle injury.

Running back Darren McFadden leaving building on crutches. Right foot still in protective boot. Not the look of a guy who might play Sunday.

If McFadden is stuck in a walking boot on crutches, you'd have to think that he might have a more serious injury than he's letting on, and he might be out for more than just his week. Or he could just be taking precautions to make sure that he's totally healed before he gets back into action.

This adjustment will make both the lives of Carson Palmer and Michael Bush that much harder, as both will now have to contend with defenses looking to shut both of them down. Without McFadden to assist them, that job becomes a lot easier for the defense.

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