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Michael Bush Recap: Oakland Raiders RB Records Most Yards From Scrimmage Since 1963

Although the final score was a close 24-17 difference, the Oakland Raiders had their way with the San Diego Chargers on Thursday Night Football. Kamerion Wimbley destroyed the Chargers offensive line, while running back Michael Bush torched a struggling Chargers defense.

The Raiders were able to put together an optimal offensive game plan as they lit up the Chargers through the air, while also pounding away at them on the ground. Michael Bush showed why he has been arguably the best backup running back in the league and also one of its best kept secrets as he dominated the Chargers all night long. Bush finished the game with 157 rushing yards and 85 receiving yards. Josh Dubow is reporting that his 242 combined yards are the most yards from scrimmage since Art Powell had 247 yards on December 22, 1963 against Houston. Earlier that season, Powell set the franchise single-game record with 256 yards from scrimmage.

Although this offense entered the season built around Darren McFadden, the star running back has dealt with injuries for much of his career. Due to those injuries, Michael Bush plays as important a role as just about any running back in the league. When he has stepped in for McFadden, the offense has not skipped a beat. Even as Mike Mayock kept referring to his diminished speed compared to McFadden, Bush kept on pounding away the yards.

Below is some video of Bush's touchdown plunge late in the first quarter. It was important to get the points, but two of his receptions were the plays I found most important. He turned some third and longs into huge conversions and got the Raiders deep into Chargers territory. He was a do-everything man on Thursday.