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Jacoby Ford Injury Update: Oakland Raiders Lose WR After 41-Yard Gain

Editor's Note: Update On Jacoby Ford's foot injury

The Oakland Raiders saw wide receiver Jacoby Ford limp off the field Thursday evening in the first quarter of their divisional battle with the San Diego Chargers. Ford caught a 41-yard pass from Carson Palmer but when he hopped from the reception he took a step or two and went down. He favored one ankle briefly, but it remains to be seen the details of the injury. Twitter has mentioned everything from ankle to groin to knee so it remains to be seen what is the truth at this point.

The NFL Network showed some footage of Ford being taking to the back on a cart with his left cleat off. If it is an ankle issue he might be getting a quick x-ray to see if there is any sort of damage to the ankle. We'll have an update once more is known.

For now, the Raiders are relying heavily on Michael Bush in this first quarter. He has rushed 13 times already for 78 yards and a touchdown. The Chargers have a questionable rushing defense so it makes sense for the Raiders to run right at them. It will be interesting to see if the Chargers can do anything to stop it with the Raiders passing game still a bit questionable.

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