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PHOTO: Hue Jackson Emotional After Raiders Beat Texans

The Oakland Raiders had a big victory over the Houston Texans, and no one seemed more moved by the last-second win than head coach Hue Jackson. Jackson had earned the Raiders head coaching job in part due to his offensive success in 2010 as the offensive coordinator, and Davis decided it was time to make a move. Oakland seems to be back on the march this season, so it looks like Davis's last big decision as Raiders owner is paying off. It's too bad he won't get a chance to see the end of this story.

Jackson seemed unable to control his emotions after Michael Huff intercepted a Matt Schaub pass in the end zone as time expired, receiving a few hugs before kneeling on the ground and covering his face. You can take a look at it after the jump.


(HT to Mike Tunison of Kissing Suzy Kolber)

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