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Hue Jackson Says Oakland Raiders Will Win The AFC West

Hue Jackson of the Oakland Raiders seems unusually confident for the head coach of a 2-2 football team, but competitive losses to the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills seem to have Jackson seeing the sunnier side of his situation. Paul Gutierrez of CSN California got this money quote from Jackson that has the Raiders running it up on the AFC West.

This isn't an unusual sentiment. The San Diego Chargers have hardly been gangbusting on their way to an early 3-1 AFC West lead, and the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs look like nothing but pushovers. This would seem like a good year for the Raiders to make that early push to the top. And hey, it's not like the Raiders have had much of a chance to show bravado as of late.

Do you think Jackson is correct? Will the Raiders end up capturing this conference? Let us know in the comments!

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