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Madden 12 Roster Updates: Raiders See Four Players Go Down

The Oakland Raiders are now in a bye week and coming off a bad, bad loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. With the Week 8 Madden NFL 12 roster update comes a whole slew of changes, and not all of them are good. In fact, more of them are bad, at this point. Fortunately for the Raiders, most of the decreases are minor affairs and wont have much of an impact on how the team plays in-game.

Both Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer saw decreases. The former is understandable, his performance was abysmal, but I do get the feeling that Carson Palmer deserved more than half a game to show that he's still got what it takes to be a starting quarterback. He drops two points, from 84 to 82. Make the jump for the full list of Raiders changes.


LB Darryl Blackstock 61 to 65
CB DeMarcus Van Dyke 66 to 68


QB Kyle Boller 68 to 66
QB Carson Palmer 84 to 82
WR Denarius Moore 75 to 74
WR Louis Murphy 74 to 73


DL Desmond Bryant position changed from DT to RE
DL Jarvis Moss moved to RE #1 on depth chart
DL Desmond Bryant moved to RE #2 on depth chart
DL Matt Shaughnessy removed from depth chart
OL Zach Hurd signed
S Jerome Boyd signed

Aside from Palmer, the decreases are warranted. I'd argue that DeMarcus Van Dyke should get a bigger increase than the point-point bump he received. Either way, the Raiders aren't likely to have any other players go down after the bye week, so that's a positive.