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Carson Palmer Thinks Oakland Doesn't Need T.O.

As Carson Palmer gets used to his new surroundings as an Oakland Raider, he's also becoming more and more familiar with his receivers, and his gaining confidence with them with every passing day (no pun intended). Palmer had an interview on 95.7 THE GAME on Wednesday, and was absked about possibly hooking up with his former Cincinnati teammate Terrell Owens, who is back on the market after dealing with a knee injury. 

"T.O. and I had a great working relationship. He had one of his most successful years over the past five or six years, a lot of production, and he was a great teammate in Cincinnati. The problem is that for him to get here there's not anybody that we could let go." 

Even though they've had some injury issues at the receiver position this year the Raiders are far from being depleted at the position, though if you ask me, T.O. could be a good mentor for guys like Denarius Moore and Darrius Hayward-Bey, not to mention a big body for Carson to throw to. Many of the WR's on the Raiders are on the smaller side of the scale, although they all have blazing speed, which T.O. has undoubtedly lost a lot of. 

"We have a stable of young horses that can run and guys that can just move. Very young, very inexperienced, but tons of potential and it's tough to give up a young guy with a lot of potential for a guy that's got a lot of history in the league that's in his late 30s."

Speed has always trumped sized with the Silver and Black, might as well keep that up. Luckily there are 29 other teams T.O. might land, good luck big fella.