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Raiders Shut Out By Chiefs 28-0; Kyle Boller And Carson Palmer Combine For Six Interceptions

If this first game in the post-Jason Campbell era is any indication, the Oakland Raiders are going to have a real quarterback issue the rest of the season.

If Kyle Boller and Carson Palmer were one quarterback, it would have been one of the worst quarterbacking starts in NFL history. Boller and Palmer combined for six interceptions (two returned for Chiefs scores) and zero touchdowns, completing 15 of 35 passes for barely five yards per pass attempt. It was a pretty awful performance, very tough for any Raider fan to watch.

The Raiders were inhibited by the loss of Darren McFadden, which really limited the big-time playcalling of Oakland. It's like Palmer is the starting quarterback going forward--this was the first time Palmer had ever come off the bench to play, so it's likely he just wasn't accustomed to his circumstances. The Kyle Boller experiment is likely over though, making you wonder if that's the last time (barring injury) he'll ever start an NFL game.

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