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Hue Jackson's Drink of Choice? Irish Coffee of Course...

When Hue Jackson comes home from a long day at the office, he's just like everyone else. He likes to untuck his shirt (wait, that was Harbaugh), kick off his shoes, put his feet up, and crack open a refreshing....Irish Coffee?

Yes, Irish Coffee.

Jackson was recently asked when he'd be making his decision on whether or not to start newly acquired quarterback Carson Palmer this Sunday, in which he replied with the most interesting of responses. 

Via Gregg Rosenthal on Twitter

Hue Jackson said he'll make QB decision while drinking Irish coffee Friday night. I love Hue Jackson.
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I second that motion Gregg. 

Jackson is slowly but surely endearing himself to the public at large, putting a new, likable face to the now faceless Oakland Raider organization without Al Davis. He's a man of the people; a guy you could just hang out and have an Irish coffee with for sure. Keep 'em coming Hue, we'll be waiting for you.