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Oakland Raiders GM Candidate Search: Tom Gamble A Potential Wild-Card?

The Oakland Raiders are looking for a general manager. Could Tom Gamble be the guy they've been looking for?

Gamble has a long history of success with multiple successful franchises, having served as a college scout for the Indianapolis Colts under the famous Bill Polian, and also was in assistant in player personnel with the Philadelphia Eagles during their Super Bowl run. Gamble is currently the director of player personnel for the San Francisco 49ers, and his stock couldn't be higher now that Jim Harbaugh is the head coach and SF is winning games.

Adam Caplan of the NFL reports that Gamble could be a sleeper pick for the job. It would not be extensive upheaval for Gamble, who would not have to make any extensive move--Oakland's right across the bay from San Francisco. And his history of building winning franchises is impeccable. It's a safe and secure move with a person who seems to know what he's doing in the football business.

To discuss the search for a new general manager with fellow Raiders fans, Silver and Black Pride is where you want to go.