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Oakland Raiders QB Situation: Will Carson Palmer Or Kyle Boller Start Vs. The Chiefs?

Carson Palmer seems to be the guy who will lead the Oakland Raiders for the remainder of the 2011 NFL season. The bigger question is whether Palmer is the guy who will be leading the Raiders right now, or whether Kyle Boller will be standing in for one start.

While there are a lot of indications Raiders head coach Hue Jackson is leaning toward going with Palmer on Sunday against the Chiefs, he has yet to make a firm decision. Jerry McDonald of Bay Area News Group reports.

"It's been one day. Let's see how his body does," coach Hue Jackson said after Palmer's first practice with the team on Wednesday. "I'm in no rush."

Jackson expressed surprise at a report by ESPN's Adam Schefter via twitter that stated: "No big surprise, but Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer is expected to start Sunday versus the Chiefs."

Jackson said: "I dont know where that came from. I know I didn't say that."

Al Saunders also contradicted the bold report that was made earlier.

What Saunders said on "Fesco in the Morning," in response to a direct question about Palmer starting, was this:

"He arrived yesterday and threw some and we'll have to see where he is. He's kind of been in that retirement mode for about six weeks.

"We'll see what happens. He looked good throwing the ball yesterday and if he's ready to go, that's a real consideration. We'll see what happens. We'll play that on a day to day basis."

Palmer seems like the clear favorite, but remember that he's been out of action for awhile. He might not be in game shape yet, and he could drop down behind Boller as the week wears on. It's not likely, but don't pencil in Palmer to make his first start this week just yet.

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