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Magic Johnson Trying to Bring Raiders Back to L.A.?

Former Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson is part of an investment group trying to bring an NFL team back to L.A., and may be looking at a team vey familiar with the area already.

Magic mentioned on Twitter that he will be attending Sunday's matchup at the Oakland Coliseum between the Raiders and the New England Patriots, causing me to immediately fire up the speculation train that the Raiders may be moving back to Los Angeles. Is this at all based on anything but conjecture? Absolutely not. But it's still something to think about.

Many people feel that the San Diego Chargers or possibly the Minnesota Vikings may be the teams that eventually move next to the Staples Center in downtown L.A. but the Raiders already have a history with the city and it's fans, why not go back?

Of course there will be many, many, many furious Raider fans in Northern California, but with a brand new stadium and a fan base waiting and willing to pay to see professional football again in Los Angeles, it wouldn't be the worst move for Al Davis and the Silver and Black.

Good thing this was all contrived.