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Hue Jackson Discusses Carson Palmer's Potential With Grant Napear on Sacramento's KHTK

The buzz surrounding the signing of quarterback Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders continues to mount nationally as sports analysts coast-to-coast discussion whether or not this was a good move made by the Silver and Black. One person who is absolutely delighted with the move is head coach Hue Jackson, who spent some time with Grant Napear on KHTK in Sacramento to discuss the move and what Palmer brings to Raider Nation.

Why did you want Carson Palmer so badly?:

"Because this guy can help us get to where we want to go. This guy is going to help us win a championship. I'm convinced of it, I know it without any shadow of a doubt. He's got all the characteristics I look for in a quarterback. He's got it."

Jackson's time with Palmer at USC and Cincinnati gives him a great sample size of work to know and understand who he is as a player. Counter that with him being the best QB available on the market and the Raiders looking to win right now, it's easy to see why Jackson wanted him in Silver and Black so bad. 


Be more specific when it comes to the attributes that you like:

"He's got a big arm. He can make every throw in football that a quarterback needs to make. He still has mobility; he can still move around and make those throws outside of the pocket. He's a tremendous leader. People follow him and he has the ability to elevate his teammates' play around him because he demands that from the players."


These are all important factors indeed, especially for a team like the Raiders. Run DMC will be the team's go-to option, but still have a QB with the ability to make plays for not, not just try to not lose the game a la Kyle Boller

What's your argument to those who say the team mortgaged its future and gave up to much to get Palmer?:

"Everybody's entitled to their opinion. I respect that, what other people think. But that don't mean that's what I think. The people here within the organization, we made the best decision that we thought for our football team. I think it's the right decision and I stand by it and we move forward."

This move would never have happened if Jason Campbell didn't get hurt, so it's almost a silver lining that he went down before the trade deadline for this to actually happen. If Palmer leads this team to the playoffs (and maybe beyond) the notion of 'mortgaging the future' will be out the window, because the future will already be happening now. 

Is it possible that Palmer is ready this Sunday?:

"You never know. I've had him for several hours now and we're going to work on the playbook and we're going to go out on the practice field tomorrow and see where we are."

Going to be a busy bye week in the East Bay folks.