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Carson Palmer Press Conference: Hue Jackson, New Raiders QB Discuss Trade

Following the Oakland Raiders' trade on Tuesday for quarterback Carson Palmer, coach Hue Jackson introduced the newest member of his team to the media. Jackson answered several questions about his role in pulling the trade off and backed them up by stating just how much confidence he has in Palmer.

When asked about Palmer and his relatively disappointing numbers over the past few seasons, Jackson responded: "This isn't about numbers. This is about the person because I know his heart. I know his passion. I know his dedication to the game."

Jackson backed his support of Palmer up by addressing concerns about the two high draft picks that the Raiders gave up in this trade: "I know a lot of people think we've mortgaged the future of the organization. I don't see it that way." Jackson sounds very confident in the trade, a trait that should serve him well as he helps Palmer transition into the Raiders offense.

The media also asked Jackson about late Raiders owner Al Davis and how he would view the trade. Jackson responded by including the entire Davis family: "One thing I know about Coach he loved tall, athletic quarterbacks from USC, that's for sure...I think he'd be very excited, very happy. His son's very happy and very excited."

On Palmer's end, the former Bengals QB admitted that he isn't where he needs to be right now to start a game but that he will get there: "(I haven't thrown) enough footballs. It's tough to round up guys that are NFL caliber guys to throw to, it's obviously difficult to replicate."

Despite his lack of readiness right now, Palmer is ready to work hard: "I'm going to do whatever they ask me to do, I'm going to learn as fast as I can, and when they want me to contribute I'll be ready." This entire trade must be a liberating experience for Palmer, who thought of himself as essentially retired after tense relations with the Bengals and the organization's decision to start Andy Dalton at quarterback this seaso.

Now, Palmer has a second chance. He's very well aware of the responsibilities that come with that: "You got a fan base you're trying to please and keep happy so that they can brag about (you). You've got teammates you're trying to play good for, to win for, and especially at the quarterback position, spread the ball around."

Both Jackson and Palmer will work together over the next few weeks to incorporate Palmer into the offense and get him into good football shape. If Jackson decides that Palmer isn't ready to play by Sunday, quarterback Kyle Boller (who filled in well after Jason Campbell went out with an injury on Sunday, throwing 100 yards on 8-of-14 passing) will likely get the starting job against the Kansas City Chiefs.