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Carson Palmer Trade: Did Adam Schefter Know In Advance?

Here's your inane bit of news for the day courtesy of The Big Lead. Hard-hitting investigative journalism here.

That’s the claim of John Shahidi, the CEO at RockLive. He tweeted this morning that ESPN’s Adam Schefter knew about the Palmer trade last night but he "stayed silent to protect CP and the deal." Shahidi then quickly edited his tweet to remove the part about protecting Palmer. But not before others – like ESPN’s Jerry Rice – retweeted it. Here’s a screengrab:

Clearly something is afoot. Why would Schefter really sit on this? Is he trying to protect the Raiders? Does he want to make sure the deal goes down right? Does ESPN have a vested interest in their NFL properties and want to ensure that all stories be reported properly, instead of going all vagabondish and gossip rumor milling this whole story?

Do you still care about this story? I know I'm bored stiff.