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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire, Week 7: Carson Palmer Makes Jacoby Ford, DHB & Company More Interesting

Fantasy football owners are likely spending Tuesday evening pouring over the numerous waiver wire options out there as they prepare to handle week seven byes. Week seven will see Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, the Giants, Philadelphia and San Francisco sitting out the week, which opens up a lot of holes in rosters. The list is fairly long and there are plenty of positions to consider.

And this all comes as the Oakland Raiders make a huge change at the quarterback position by trading for Bengals QB Carson Palmer. It is unknown whether Palmer will play this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs, or if he will wait until after the bye week.

Palmer is coming off a couple subpar seasons, so it is hard say whether you should be considering him as a fantasy quarterback. He has some excellent weapons at his disposal in Oakland, but you might want to wait and see how it all develops before deciding whether to add him to your bench. He could be an interesting late bye week fill-in, but even that is questionable at best.

The real question is what he does for possible waiver wire guys like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore, and maybe even Jacoby Ford if he is sitting on waivers. I think he could improve their fantasy value and I have already been fairly high on both DHB and Denarius Moore. I think DHB is the guy who will be the most consistent fantasy threat, but Ford and Moore are the big play threats.