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Raiders vs. Chiefs Odds: Oakland Installed As Three To Four Point Favorites

The Oakland Raiders are going to be without Jason Campbell, so it's understandable that their line against the Kansas City Chiefs has shrunk by a bit.  It's a far more different scenario for the KC defense to deal with the inconsistent Kyle Boller rather than the steady Campbell.

Oakland is currently sitting on lines of around three, three-and-a-half, and four points where they're favored over Kansas City. The Raiders probably still have a decided advantage, but the uncertainty of the quarterback position (and whether Carson Palmer will be ready to go over Boller) throws a monkey wrench into the proceedings. While KC might not be the greatest team in the world, it is a divisional rival, so these games tend to be closer than usual. Just keep that in mind before you go all in on the Raiders as your pick of the week.

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