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Carson Palmer Trade: Oakland Raiders Give Up No. 1 and Conditional No. 1 Pending Playoff Win

The Oakland Raiders made big news on Tuesday as they worked out the framework of a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals to acquire disgruntled semi-retired QB Carson Palmer. After some back and forth, the deal sends the Raiders first round pick in 2012 and the Raiders second round pick in 2013 to the Bengals. However, that 2013 pick would turn into a first round pick if the Raiders win a playoff game between now and then. There is no word on if the playoff win has to happen this season or if it could be this season or next season.

Many consider this drastic over-paying by the Raiders even if it is just the first and second. They are adding a 31-year old who has struggled in recent years but who is coming to play for a man he worked with in Cincinnati and at USC. Maybe it will work and maybe it will blow up in their faces. The mood for Raiders fans seems to be a sort of "Screw it, we're all in".

The Raiders have started to establish themselves as a playoff contender this season thanks in large part to a dominant rushing game and fantastic special teams. The defense has made improvements and the passing game has developed, but rushing and special teams have been huge. Even if Palmer ends up being the same as Campbell, as opposed to any kind of upgrade, this is a team that can win playoff games. It remains to be seen if it is enough to win a Super Bowl, but they are a very dangerous team. I would say the odds are fairly high that the second pick turns into a first rounder.