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Carson Palmer Trade Likely Signals the End of Jason Campbell's Tenure in Oakland

Boy do I feel bad for Jason Campbell. I already felt terrible for Campbell when he got injured in the Oakland Raiders' win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Campbell's entire career has been stifled by coaching changes, system changes and being surrounded by below average talent (until he came to the Raiders that is).

This season, Campbell had the opportunity to show what he could do after being in the same system with the same players for two years. And until he got injured, Campbell was starting to show that he could be a very good quarterback. He still made mistakes like the unbelievable interception he threw in the end zone during the New England Patriots team, but he was looking like a quarterback that could lead the Raiders to the playoffs.

Now, not only did his break out season come to an early end, it looks as though his tenure with the Raiders has come to an early end as well. With the Raiders trading a first round pick along with another conditional first round pick, it is clear that Palmer will be the starting quarterback in Oakland for a number of years. That means Campbell, whose contract is up at the end of this season, will be looking for another job next year.

While I am excited for the potential that Carson Palmer brings to the Raiders, I truly feel bad for Jason Campbell and wish him the best wherever his career takes him next.