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Jason Campbell Injury: That Didn't Take Long, Mike Florio Brings up Possibility of Brett Favre to the Raiders

In one of my earlier updates, I finished by saying that I was thankful that no one had mentioned the idea of the Oakland Raiders going out and signing Brett Favre as a replacement for injured starter Jason Campbell. Too bad I was not able to be thankful for very long.

Mike Florio of has thrown Brett Favre's name in the hat even if no one else has. Florio states that a source close to the situation has said that the Raiders are not interested in Favre as a replacement and that the possibility of signing him has not been discussed.

For the most part, Florio's article is just doing the inevitable, taking a look at the idea of Favre making his five hundredth return to the NFL, this time mid season a la Roger Clemens. I knew it was only a matter of time before Favre's name was mentioned as a potential replacement for Jason Campbell. Thankfully, it does not at all seem like a serious consideration for either side and is nothing more than the media unnecessarily feeding Favre's ego.

I must say, even though I am not entirely sure who is calling the shots in Oakland since Al Davis passed away, but I am incredibly happy with the work they have done so far, if for no other reason than for the fact that they are not seriously considering the possibility of Brett Favre.