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Jason Campbell Injury: Could Oakland Bring Back Former Raider QB Josh McCown?

The names being tied to the Oakland Raiders as a result of Jason Campbell's season ending injury are coming fast now. We have already heard all of the obvious names like David Garrard, Kyle Orton and Carson Palmer, mentioned as potential replacements for Campbell this season. There has even been talk about the Raiders re-signing former back up Trent Edwards and allowing Kyle Boller to keep the starting job.

However, this morning yet another name surfaced, and this time, it was one that I had yet to hear or even consider. Mike Florio of is reporting that along with contacting David Garrard, the Raiders have contacted former Raider quarterback Josh McCown about possibly coming back to the Raiders.

McCown played one season in Oakland back in 2007. That season, McCown got into 9 games for the Raiders, completed 111 of 190 passes for a 58.4 completion percentage while puttin up 1,151 yards, 10 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Those stats are far from being stellar and the fact that the Raiders are talking to McCown symbolizes the fact that coach Hue Jackson may not have simply been playing politician when he said that he was confident in Kyle Boller as the Raiders starter.

Josh McCown is not an obvious upgrade over Kyle Boller at the quarterback position. Bringing in McCown would likely mean that they are going to hand Kyle Boller the reigns, but want to have a veteran presence as a back up should Boller not be able to capitalize on his starting opportunity. The Raiders likely do not want to rush Terrelle Pryor into a position where the team needs to rely on him in his rookie season.