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Oakland Raiders Honor Al Davis Before Win Over Browns

As expected, it was a very emotional homecoming for the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. Returning to the Coliseum for the first time since the passing of Al Davis, the Raiders organization and their fans paid tribute to their patriarch both on the field and off.

A sea of black and silver cheered their hearts out as the Raiders defeated the Cleveland Browns 24-17, and there were multiple tributes to Davis throughout the day. CBS showcased a lovely tribute video to the late football pioneer during the broadcast, and tribute videos were presented to the live audience as well. The Raiders had simple yet striking "AL" stickers firmly affixed to their helmets. Ice Cube and MC Hammer were in attendance, decked out in the appropriate attire. A moment of silence followed the national anthem.

The halftime show was also all about Al. Members of the Oakland Raiders "Ring of Honor" stood at midfield around the Raiders crest while John Madden ignited a flame on the plaza level of the stadium. According to Oakland's public address announcer, this fixture will be an eternal flame in memory of Davis.

From top to bottom, the Raiders organization did right by their former boss, and perhaps the Raiders themselves provided Davis with the honor he would have liked best of all.

They just won.

(Via ESPN)