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Jerry Brown Declares 'Steve Jobs Day' In California; Al Davis Shunned Again

Current Governor of California and former mayor of Oakland Jerry Brown declared that Sunday will be "Steve Jobs Day" in the state. Although the gesture is understandable in the wake of the passing of such a noteworthy California resident, perhaps Brown is using this as an opportunity to take one last jab at a corporate figurehead on the other side of the Bay Bridge.

It's not often that the world loses a world-famous CEO and icon, but then again, it's not often that the world loses a legendary and groundbreaking sports icon. Both Steve Jobs and Al Davis broke ground in their respective fields. They both made a lot of enemies along the way, and they were both very often misunderstood in their lifetimes.

However, at the end of the day, Sunday will be "Steve Jobs Day." When the Raiders return to play at home in Oakland for the first time since Davis' passing on Sunday, it will seem like "Al Davis Day." But it won't be. All thanks to Jerry Brown.

Brown, as you may recall, was the mayor of Oakland from 1999-2007. He was one of many politicians who oversaw a city that would not build Davis a new stadium for his Raiders. Brown in the past has gone out of his way to point out that he and Davis were "not buddies" and derisively pointed out the "temper tantrums" thrown by the Raiders owner, whom he described as an "odd character." (Via SFGate)

Presumably, Brown is somewhere chortling over an iPad, on which he is viewing JibJab animations poking fun at the lovable Davis. Later, he'll probably fire up his iMac and shed a tear at his custom Steve Jobs "Never Forget" wallpaper. If they weren't in their bye week, he'd probably kick his feet up on the ottoman and cheer on the Broncos.

There are few people more deserving of having a "Steve Jobs Day" than the late Steve Jobs, but we'll all know whose day it should really be. For shame, Governor Brown. Jello Biafra was right about you. You truly are history's greatest monster.