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Oakland Raiders GM Candidates: Eric DeCosta

There have only been a couple names thus far in regards to the Oakland Raiders vacant general manager position, which the team is actively seeking to fill. Yesterday, we took a look at Robert London, who was the first name to surface in relation to the position. The team has already reportedly reached out to London, and he's the only person who we're certain has actually been contacted.

But there have been other names, people who the team is likely to check out, be it because it makes sense or because they've expressed interest already. Jason LaConfora had a pair of tweets (here and here) about Baltimore Ravens executive Eric DeCosta and the team's (potential) interest in him.

DeCosta has been a part of most talks about general managers for teams over the past couple of years, and has even interviewed for the position at some points, but is hesitant to leave Baltimore. Most believe that DeCosta will take over the position which will eventually be vacated by Ozzie Newsome as the Ravens GM. But again, he's a top option and the Raiders will very likely be in on the action. DeCosta has plenty of experience and more than that, a winning pedigree attached to the organization he's been employed with for the past 15 seasons.

He's been with the team (his first NFL gig) since 1996, where he had an entry-level position. Eventually, he became an area scout, then the director of college scouting in 2003. Six years passed, six years in which the team drafted players like linebacker Terrell Suggs, wide receiver Mark Clayton, defensive lineman Haloti Ngata, and quarterback Joe Flacco. In 2009, he was promoted to the director of player personnel, 

Today, DeCosta works closely with Newsome overseeing both scouting departments: college and pro. Many of the decisions made are made on Newsome's final call, but DeCosta probably figures into just about every decision made. Since becoming the director of player personnel, the team drafted standout offensive tackle Michael Oher, and made a trade for wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

These are all solid moves, and the draft busts are few and far between. The talent he's helped bring into the organization is top of the line, you don't get much better than bringing in guys like Ngata, Suggs and Flacco. With a rookie head coach in Hue Jackson, it's hard to argue that a guy with DeCosta's pedigree wouldn't be a great fit with the Raiders, where he can fully assume all scouting and personnel duties while letting Jackson focus specifically on the on-the-field product.