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Raiders vs. Browns Odds: Is Oakland A Safe Bet This Weekend?

As the Oakland Raiders get prepared for the matchup with the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, NFL oddsmakers are busy making sure the lines are appropriate for their meeting at the Coliseum this weekend. And as the odds have been shifting in the Raiders favor as the week goes on, so are the chances of trying to make some money off of them by average Joes like you and me. had the Raiders as a three point favorite to start the week, but has jumped to as much as 7.5 by some of the online sites, and as low as 6.5, but still a significant jump. The Silver and Black have been playing well in front of their home crowd and Cleveland tends to struggle on the road, specifically the West Coast, leading me to believe that a 7 point spread shouldn’t be too hard to cover for the Raiders.

Just what does this mean for your bets this weekend? It means that taking a serious look at the Raiders might be a good decision for you and your wallet. Choose wisely.