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Oakland Raiders GM Candidates: Robert London

The general manager search is on for the Oakland Raiders, and only a few names have trickled out thus far. The only solid candidate, who has reportedly been contacted by the team about the vacant position, is sports agent Robert London. It's a bit of a different scouting process for London, as opposed to the usual candidates who would generally have history with multiple teams in multiple capacities, but there is still some information out there about him.

Mark Cardano of originally posted about London's candidacy, and had a good bit of information on him. "Never heard of him? Perhaps you should have," the article proclaims, and then goes on to detail the man and what he does.

London is the Vice President at Dow Lohnes Sports & Entertainment, a firm that represents players like Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Forte, and others, including a Bay Area player - Kendall Hunter of the San Francisco 49ers. Forte is the subject of much of the article and also the interview linked within, notably how Forte is underpaid and how London advised him to not hold out like other running backs Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson.

While Johnson has struggled out of the gate, Forte is looking as great as ever, going through training camp and looking fresh early in week one. He's likely set for a big-time extension any week now, and he probably has London to thank for that. It's a lesson that is rarely employed by agents representing players in the NFL today: don't holdout and keep the team together, and things will work out. London's point of view benefits himself, Forte, and also the Chicago Bears, which in the long fun, will continue to benefit Forte.

London lacks the NFL experience on an executive level that most would consider an actual, factual requirement for the job, but he seems to have an eye for talent, with several successful clients (and potential up-and-comers, like the aforementioned Hunter) and a unique point of view for someone in a business that often gets criticized for its greed, whether fairly or unfairly.

He's got a degree in business administration - but again - beyond that, there's not a whole lot to go on. One has to figure that the team has had their eye on him for awhile. Perhaps even Al Davis recommended him at some point, he has to be one of the more serious candidates, as the first one reported to be contacted. He's a roll of the dice, and not a sexy candidate at all, but one has to be intrigued by the perspective he could potentially bring.