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Raiders vs. Browns: Oakland to Honor Al Davis Throughout Browns Game

It is no surprise that the Oakland Raiders plan on honoring former owner Al Davis on Sunday when the Raiders play in Oakland for the first time since his passing. For the most part, people had assumed that there would be a pregame ceremony honoring Mr. Davis. However, it now looks as though the entire game will be filled with tributes to the Raiders' fallen leader.

While the Raiders have been tight lipped about what exactly the tribute will consist of (perhaps they are paying tribute to Davis by keeping the media in the dark, one of Davis' favorite pass times), Raiders CEO Amy Trask confirmed on Tuesday that they would honor and pay tribute to Mr. Davis throughout the game.

That means that while Raiders fans will likely be treated to a significant pregame ceremony in honor of Mr. Davis, they can also expect tributes to be going on during most of the major breaks in action. I would assume that this means during the breaks between quarters and during half time, there will be tributes to Mr. Davis. If the Raiders really want to go big with their tribute, they could conceivably show videos honoring Mr. Davis during every television timeout and regular timeout throughout the game.

No matter how the Raiders decide to honor Mr. Davis, one thing can be assured, it will be no small gesture. I am sure the Raiders plan on following Al Davis' committment to excellence by making his tribute one that will not soon be forgotten.