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Video: Raiders With Ten Men On The Field On Final Play Vs. Texans

Count them yourself when you click on the photo below. (HT Doug Farrar of Shutdown Corner).

Yep. For those wondering, the Raiders did have just 10 defend... on Twitpic

Think one of the Raiders might have been lost off the screen? Well, if you watch the video of the final play, the mysterious eleventh defender must have been buying funnel cake in the stands or something, because there's only ten men actively defending on this play. And Matt Schaub still ended up throwing an interception to Michael Huff that iced the game.

Al Davis was really the eleventh man, wasn't he?

Schaub must have seen an open receiver, saw the visage of Davis emerge in his periphery, freaked out, and went the other way. Only plausible explanation on the how Oakland didn't score.

I'm not sure if this should make Raiders fans elated or relieved. I do know it should make every Houston fan sick to their stomach. Eleven men, ten men, whatever, just win baby.

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