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Jim Harbaugh Reportedly Will Sign 5 Year Deal With 49ers: Raiders Are Now Free To Procrastinate

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Jim Harbaugh reportedly will sign a five year deal with the 49ers. Adam Schefter broke the news on his twitter account moments ago. After Harbaugh dissed the Dolphins yesterday and Andrew Luck returned to Stanford, the popular perception was Harbaugh would return to Stanford as well.

It appears now, that the Harbaugh-49er roller coaster has taken its final fall and now rolls safely to its conclusion. For the Raiders, this moves lights the hurry up and wait sign.

The 49ers are the only team that had interviewed or even expressed interest in interviewing, Offensive Coordinator, Hue Jackson, for a head coaching position. Without the threat of another team hiring Jackson away from the Raiders, Al Davis can take his time in naming him Head Coach. And all signs point to Jackson being the only candidate for the Raiders job.

Al Davis has yet to schedule an interview for Jackson or anyone else. While people in Jackson’s camp have said the job was Jackson’s and people within the organization feel that an interview between Jackson and Davis is in the works.

Do not expect any announcements soon from Raider-land. Al Davis has a history of delaying announcements of in-house promotions like this one. He waited long into the offseason before lifting the interim tag off of Tom Cable before naming him and Head Coach. He also employed similar tactics before naming Bill Callahan head coach after he traded Jon Gruden.

Personally, I am not waiting for Al and the Raiders. Say hello to Hue Jackson, the Head Coach of the 2011 Oakland Raiders…probably.