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Oakland Raiders Coaching Watch, No Scheduled Interviews With Hue Jackson or Anyone Else

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Oakland Raiders coaching watch: No scheduled interviews with Hue Jackson or anyone else. Al Davis likes to take his time with coaching moves, which made the announcement that they would not be retaining Cable a surprise. It would be more like them to simply let the deadline for his option pass without them doing anything about it. It is widely speculated that they made the announcement to make Hue Jackson the Head Coach and prevent him from leaving.

Jackson went on an interview with the San Francisco 49ers Wednesday, which leaves them about two steps ahead in the process than he is with the Raiders. It has been reported that the feeling among Raiders employees and people in Jackson’s camp, that an interview between Jackson and Al Davis will happen soon.

It is apparent Al Davis is going to move at his own pace on this one. I expect that Jackson will indeed be named the coach, although I don’t know why Davis would risk the chance of someone making Jackson an offer he can’t refuse. Davis likes to keep his coaches waiting. He did the same to Bill Callahan after Jon Gruden was traded to the Buccaneers and he did the same thing to Tom Cable before lifting the interim tag from him.

Davis has no reason to rush his interview process. He never hires people that other teams are considering anyways. So, after the swift movement on Cable being let go, it is back to business as usual in Raider-land.