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Oakland Raiders Coaching Watch, Tom Cable: What To Make Of The Reports Of His Dimissal

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As David pointed out, there were several reports yesterday stating the Raiders are not likely to pick up the option on Tom Cable’s contract. As with any reports of the Raiders potential moves, take them with a grain of salt.

I have no idea if the Raiders are planning on bringing Cable back or not and neither do any of these people. Adam Shefter was the first to report that Cable would not be retained and I think Bill Romanowski summed it best. Romo:

I wrote my book with Adam Schefter, but nobody knows what’s going to happen with the Raiders. He made it up.

Whatever happens, we are not likely to know until the Jan. 19 contract option deadline. There will be no announcement of support for Cable or a press conference to say his option will not be picked up by the club. They will simply give it to him or not.

It was much the same last year. It was widely speculated that Tom Cable would not be retained. The one difference was Cable was still under contract. There was no deadline for an option to be picked up. The Raiders simply never made a coaching change and they never announced that they wouldn’t.

The only thing I see as a possibility to expedite this process is Hue Jackson being offered a head coaching job elsewhere. At that point, Al Davis would be forced to make a decision between Cable and Jackson. And that is only if Jackson would take the Raiders job. Davis is not one to outbid other teams for coaches.

To sum it all up: Hurry up and wait. There are going to be more rumors than actions for a couple of weeks.