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Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator: New/Old Names Come Up In Search

The Oakland Raiders' search for a new defensive coordinator exists in the public solely in the land of speculation. Throw in the names of Chuck Bresnahan and Joe Cullen into that speculation mix. The legitimacy of the candidacy for these two is certainly up for debate

It was reported earlier that Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network reported that current Jacksonville Jaguars defensive line coach Joe Cullen would be visiting Oakland for an interview in the coming weeks. It was then quickly revealed that the tweet did not come from the real Jason LaCanfora. Who sets up a fake LaCanfora Twitter account and tweets something as mundane as that? My guess is Joe Cullen's agent. 

The other new name to surface today is a familiar one: Chuck Bresnahan. Bresnahan was the Raiders defensive coordinator the last time the Raiders were any good and he is currently the defensive coordinator for the mighty Florida Tuskers of the UFL. Bresnahan was also the defensive coordinator for the Bengals when Hue Jackson served as Cincinnati's wide receivers coach.