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Hue Jackson, Raiders Reportedly Hire Al Saunders As Offensive Coordinator

Within a day of interviewing for the position, Al Saunders has reportedly been hired as the Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator. Although Hue Jackson indicated he will be the primary play-caller, Saunders will likely have a lot of input in his offensive coordinator role. However, it remains to be seen what Saunders’ specific role will be. He’s well-respected around the league, and as his resume below shows, he’s got a ton of experience on the offensive side of the ball.

It will be interesting to see how a former offensive coordinator like Hue Jackson can handle working with an offensive coordinator who has done a lot in the NFL. There’s the potential for some great things with the Raiders offense. If Jackson and Saunders can work well together, the Raiders could take the next step.

Al Saunders Resume
1970-71 – USC – Graduate Assistant
1972 – Missouri – Wide Receivers
1973-75 – Utah State – Running Backs
1976-81 – Cal – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks/Assistant Head Coach
1982 – Tennessee – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
1983-86 – San Diego Chargers – Wide Receivers
1986-88 – San Diego Chargers – Head Coach
1989-98 – Kansas City Chiefs – Wide Receivers/Assistant Head Coach
1999-00 – St. Louis Rams – Wide Receivers/Assistant Head Coach
2001-05 – Kansas City Chiefs – Offensive Coordinator
2006-07 – Washington Redskins – Assistant Head Coach
2008 – St. Louis Rams – Offensive Coordinator
2009-10 – Baltimore Ravens – Offensive Coordinator