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Oakland Raiders Offensive Coordinator Search: Al Saunders Interviews

The Oakland Raiders search for an offensive coordinator is in full gear. Al Saunders interviewed with the team on Tuesday after the Raiders requested and were granted permission from Baltimore to speak with him. Saunders spent last season on the Ravens staff as an offensive consultant.

Saunders cut his teeth on the Air Coryell offensive system and this has drawn the admiration of Al Davis over the years. Saunders has himself interviewed for the head coaching position with the Raiders several times. It now looks like he will finally join the team as the offensive coordinator.

Saunders was Jason Campbell’s offensive coordinator for Campbell’s first 20 games as a starter. It was there that Saunders offense was mocked for having a play book over 700 pages long.

I like this move. Saunders won’t be calling the plays, but his experience will help build game plans and ease the load off of Hue Jackson, who will be in his first year as a head coach and only his second as a play caller. Saunders is famous for his attention to detail and I think this is something that could really help the Raiders young wide receivers.