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NFL Draft Order: Oakland Raiders Get 17th Pick Of Each Round, Patriots Get First Round Pick

As the 2010 NFL season comes to a close, the unofficial NFL Draft order is slowly coming into focus. The NFL will release the official order of non-playoff teams in the next day or two after teams wrap up action with tonight’s Rams-Seahawks matchup.

The Oakland Raiders dealt away their 2011 first round pick in order to acquire Richard Seymour, but the draft order still affects where they pick in subsequent rounds. At this point, the Raiders 8-8 finish will leave them with the 17th pick in each round after the first. That also means the New England Patriots will be selecting 17th overall in the first round with the Raiders former pick.

The Raiders domination of Kansas City to close out the season allowed the Raiders to reach a rather crazy mark. They are the first team to run through their division with an undefeated record while not earning a playoff berth. Congratulations to the Raiders for providing their fans with something to build on in 2011.