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NFL Playoff Picture: Kansas City Chiefs-Baltimore Ravens And New York Jets-Indianapolis Colts Likely AFC Wild Card Matchups

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The Oakland Raiders beating the Kansas City Chiefs does shake up the NFL playoff picture a little bit, particularly with regards to next week's AFC Wild Card matchups. Kansas City would've locked up the three seed with a win on Oakland, but the loss puts their position in some doubt, as they finish at 10-6 on the season. Although they're still guaranteed a home playoff game, who they'll play could be in doubt.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Cleveland Browns, they clinched the AFC North, meaning the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens earned the wild-card spots. The Ravens finished the season 12-4, the Jets 11-5, so they earn the fifth and sixth playoff seeds.

Where Kansas City ends up will depend on what happens in the Indianapolis Colts-Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars-Houston Texans matchups in the AFC South. If the Colts beat the Titans as expected (they need to win to get in), the Colts will clinch the AFC South, AND they'll have the tiebreaker over the Chiefs because they beat Kansas City head-to-head. The Chiefs would fall to the fourth seed and face the Ravens in the first round; the Colts would face the Jets. If the Colts lose, the Chiefs would clinch the third seed, and face the Jets in the first round.

To recap:

Indianapolis win: Jets at Colts, Ravens at Chiefs
Indianapolis loss and Jaguars win: Jets at Chiefs, Ravens at Jaguars
Indianapolis loss and Jaguars loss: Jets at Chiefs, Ravens at Colts