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Michael Huff & Stanford Routt Interceptions On Matt Cassel Put Raiders Up 31-10 On Chiefs

Matt Cassel is probably wishing he’d just sat today’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders. He’s been battered, sacked, knocked down, pressured and generally ineffective. And in the fourth quarter, he’s finally been picked.

Cassel’s first interception came with the Chiefs pinned deep in their red zone. Cassel threw a pass intended for Dexter McCluster that was batted up in the air and into the hands of Michael Huff, who returned it to the Kansas City 10. That set up a Jacoby Ford wide receiver reverse touchdown to make it 24-10.

On the next possession, a false start and a 15 yard sack by Desmond Bryant set up 3rd and 30, and another Cassel throw to McCluster was picked off by Stanford Routt. Routt returned it 22 yards for what essentially was the game-clinching touchdown, making it 31-10 with nine minutes left. Cassel is now 11 for 33 for 115 yards and two interceptions.

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