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Oakland Raiders Defensive Coordinator Search: Cross Off Chuck Pagano's Name

Many people had speculated that Chuck Pagano, the former secondary coach for the Raiders and co-worker of Hue Jackson, would be headed to Oakland to become the Raiders next defensive coordinator. Well, now that the Baltimore Ravens have promoted him from secondary coach to defensive coordinator, I think it is safe to say, that he is not going to come to Oakland and the Raiders can go ahead with their search. The Ravens announced the move early Wednesday morning.

In light of Pagano’s statements, it is apparent he was never coming to Oakland in the first place. I am also fairly certain he will not be allowed anywhere near the team headquarters now. Pagano was asked by the National Football Post about his candidacy for the coordinator job in Oakland. “Two years was plenty,” Pagano said referencing his two years as secondary coach in Oakland.

He did congratulate Jackson for his new job, but also used that as another chance to take a shot. “He will earn every cent that they pay him, and it won’t be much.”