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Al Davis Introduces Hue Jackson As Oakland Raiders Head Coach At Press Conference

Earlier today the Oakland Raiders held their introductory press conference for new head coach Hue Jackson. Al Davis introduced the former offensive coordinator as the new head coach of the Raiduhs. While Al Davis might resemble the crypt keeper, there’s no doubt he still wields considerable power and respect in the Raiders organization. Even as outsiders still find time to mock the Raiders organization, Al Davis maintains a tight grip on the franchise.

The press conference was mostly platitudes about the future of the team and how bright it is. This particular clip leads up through the first question, which actually provided some valuable insight. Hue Jackson declared that he would be the primary play-caller. It looks like the Bay Area will have a pair of NFL head coaches running their respective offenses. We’ve begun to see Jim Harbaugh develop his staff and the type of identity they want in place. We’ll keep an equal eye on the Raiders and new head coach Hue Jackson to see the kind of staff he puts together.