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Al Davis, Oakland Raiders Owner, Potential Crypt Keeper Candidate

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Al Davis is 81 years old, and he looks even older than that. It was made even more clear at the press conference introducing new Oakland Raiders head coach Hue Jackson, when he came out looking like he'd participated in a knife fight. His age is showing, his skin looks like it's about to peel off his body, he has a band-aid on top of his head, his right hand looks like a malformed claw, and it sort of looks like Raiders management pulled him out of a crypt to get him to talk and rant about the NFL.

Still, he didn't disappoint. The man might look like a corpse, but he's still quite cognizant.

  • He was contrite about being wrong on JaMarcus Russell.
  • He thought Jason Campbell reminded him of Jim Plunkett.
  • He believed Alex Smith would get another chance to succeed in the pros.
  • He said he liked continuity when it comes to his quarterbacks, despite being on his seventh coach in a decade.
  • He took a swipe at Brett Favre, saying that he'd only won one Super Bowl despite being considered one of the greatest ever.
  • He slapped around Paul Gutierrez, saying, "Your free-agent number is off... it's ridiculous..."

Still, despite all that, it's hard not to take a look at his appearance and think that he might be ready to take on another active role...