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Oakland Raiders Head Coach Search: Al Davis Fined Tom Cable $120,000 Over The Course Of The 2010 NFL Season

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As the Oakland Raiders get closer to wrapping up their head coach search, the team finds itself embroiled in controversy with their former coach Tom Cable. To be more specific, Al Davis is in yet another financial dispute with a former coach. Adam Schefter is reporting that Al Davis fined Cable $120,000 over the course of six paychecks ($20,000 per check). The fines were allegedly due to Davis’ displeasure with Cable losing a pair of OTA days due to intense workouts. This is only hearsay at this point as the NFL is apparently investigating.

Tom Cable has reportedly filed a grievance against Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders with the NFL. Cable is not the first Raiders coach to get into a financial mess with Davis. Lane Kiffin filed and lost a grievance against Davis for money Kiffin felt was owed him after he was fired. Prior to that Mike Shanahan got in a dispute over $250,000 in severance pay after Davis fired him in 1989.

Hue Jackson is reportedly the favorite to get the Raiders head coaching job. If he gets a deal done Jackson better be sure to read through the fine print of the contract. Al Davis has always been a rather litigious owner and any head coach who comes is likely aware of that at this point.