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Raiders Reportedly Not Bringing Back Defensive Coordinator John Marshall

According to league sources, the Raiders will not be bringing back John Marshall. The sources are not mine, but the San Francisco Chronicle’s, Vittorio Tafur. This is a move that will come as no surprise.

It was clear when Al Davis fired Tom Cable that he felt the Raiders underachieved this season. With Davis likely to promote Offensive Coordinator, Hue Jackson, it is also clear that Davis must have been happy with the offense. That would lead one to believe he feels the defense is largely to blame. Sorry Mr. Marshall, but it’s time to go.

The Raiders allowed over 30 points six times this season and, despite revamping the defense to stop the run, they still sucked at it. The chances of an in-team promotion are unlikely. Mike Wauffle seems content to stay a defensive line coach and I can’t see Mike Haluchak or Lionel Washington making the jump.

It had been reported that former Defensive Coordinator, Rob Ryan, had talked with Davis this offseason, but it is also being reported that he is close to signing with the Cowboys.

Taking a complete stab in the dark, I say keep an eye out for former Raider, Winston Moss. Moss is the current LB coach for the Packers and he actually interviewed with the Raiders for the Head Coaching position before they removed the interim tag from Tom Cable.