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Oakland Raiders Coaching Search: Jackson May Be In Action By Next Week

The Oakland Raiders coaching search may finally be coming to an end and it may not have ever been that big of search to begin with. The Raiders had announced they had begun the interview process, but who they interviewed was not released.

It has long been suspected that the job belonged to Hue Jackson. We may be closer to making it official. According to a report by Vittorio Tafur indications are that the Raiders will make the official announcement sometime this coming week.

Al Davis has been in no hurry to name Hue the next coach, because Hue has no place else to go. He is currently under contract with the Raiders and every other NFL team has a head coach.

The Raiders have been busy evaluating their own staff and the process of filling out the staff is going to be more intriguing than the one to bring in a new head coach. It is starting to look like the Raiders will be looking for a new offensive and defensive coordinators. For more on that, see the above story.