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NFL Punt, Pass And Kick Finalists: Raiders Representatives From Concord, Antioch

Every year the NFL runs its annual Punt, Pass And Kick competition around the country. The competition began in 1961 and is reported to be the nation's largest grassroots sports skills competition. The NFL likes to promote that Troy Aikman and Dan Marino were among the participants when they were kids.

As we march through the 2011 NFL Playoffs the competition starts to narrow down and we reach the finals for the various age groups. The Bay Area has two representatives in this year's competition, both representing the Oakland Raiders. The two kids are Michael McAdoo from Antioch and Andrew Buckley from Concord. McAdoo is in the boys 12-13 group, while Buckley is in the boys 14-15 group.

The National Finals will take place this Saturday January 15 in Atlanta prior to the NFC Divisional Playoff matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers. An on-field award presentation will air after the third quarter of the game.

Finalists will compete separately in five age divisions in the Georgia Dome, with the top scorer in each group crowned national champion. All participants launch one punt, one pass and one kick, with scores based on distance and accuracy (in feet). All youngsters advanced to the National Finals through local, sectional and team championship competitions held throughout the NFL regular season. The top four scorers in each age group from around the country qualified as national finalists.

Girls 6-7

Boys 6-7

Gabi Bell, Harlem, MT (Broncos)

Luke Adams, Hinsdale, IL (Bears)

Jayla Medeiros, Kealakekua, HI (Chargers)

Kaleb Applebey, Mount Carmel, IL (Rams)

Breanna Norris, Boise, ID (Seahawks)

Adam Bruck, Bel Air, MD (Ravens)

Annie Weichel, Allen, TX (Cowboys)

Frankie Fidler, Bellevue, NE (Chiefs)

Girls 8-9

Boys 8-9

Jalissa Briggs, Orem, UT (Broncos)

Joshua Braun, Tallahassee, FL (Jaguars)

Tori Hansen, Raleigh, NC (Panthers)

Grant Huffman, Aurora, OH (Browns)

Aysia Mitchell, Masquite, TX (Cowboys)

Chase Hutchison, Raymore, MO (Chiefs)

Emily Riggs, Bridgeport, WV (Steelers)

Chase Stoeger, Green River. WY (Broncos)

Girls 10-11

Boys 10-11

Kaylee Carlsen, North Logan, UT (Broncos)

Riley Hill, Greybull, WY (Broncos)

Haley Leanna, Grayslake, IL (Bears)

Grant Kersh, Kent, OH (Browns)

Kristina Lynch, Granger, IN (Colts)

Malik Muhammad, Sheboygan, WI (Packers)

Jillian Navarro, Tempe, AZ (Cardinals)

John Paramski, Newberry, MI (Lions)

Girls 12-13

Boys 12-13

Katie Day, East Kingston, NH (Patriots)

Tyler Enos, Chattanooga, TN (Titans)

Gabrielle Ewing, Kailua-Kona, HI (Chargers)

Blake Marquardt, Oshkosh, WI (Packers)

Jordan Remley, Lakewood, CO (Broncos)

Michael McAdoo, Antioch, CA (Raiders)

Chloe Wanink, Cameron, WI (Packers)

Nicholas Sanchez, Lubbock, TX (Cowboys)

Girls 14-15

Boys 14-15

Sarah Firestone, Mercersburg, PA (Eagles)

Dominic Berlin, Eau Claire, WI (Packers)

Kayla Hochhalter, Carrington, ND (Vikings)

Andrew Buckley, Concord, CA (Raiders)

Jill Maloney, Alpharetta, GA (Falcons)

Joshua Malm, Scottsville, VA (Redskins)

Carissa Miller, Cave Creek, AZ (Cardinals)

Ryan Muldoon, Tallahassee, FL (Jaguars)